Friday, June 4, 2010

Hawaiian Orchard Security

     When my family moved to Hawaii, we were prepared for the slow way of life, the gorgeous weather and the sun burns. Crime was not something we ever thought about. We bought an old coffee farm up in the rainforest and found an idyllic lifestyle.

     This is a working orchard. We grow coffee and Macadamia nuts. Anyone familiar with agricultural jobs knows just how important the equipment is. You need chainsaws to clear away debris, you need ATVs to lug stuff and survey the land, you need weed whackers to keep the jungle off your crops, etc. You need a lot of really expensive tools. So when we read that orchard theft is a big problem up here, we became concerned. There are few fences on this mountain because the land is too spread out and rugged.

     The first thing we did is we got two dogs. One is a full grown rescued dog from the Humane Society named Sweety and the other is a puppy named Kua. Sweety is a Rottweiler and Kua is a Chihuahua. Sweety is happy to prowl our 15 acres while Kua is more of a homebody. But Kua can still bark really loud.

     We also added some Security Choice alarms and motion detector lights around our home and the storage shed. Both structures chirp when you approach and go crazy if you try and open the locked doors without the code. Now that we have been here for a few months we are no longer concerned. Perhaps the laid back lifestyle has gotten to us. It feels like we have always lived here. Plus, our extra touches in security and especially the dogs, make us feel safe.

This guest post supplied by Crystal Harrison.



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