Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Making Your Home Safer for Elderly Adults

 This is a guest post From Mark Richardson
     Perhaps your mother or father is getting to be elderly, and you have decided to move him or her into your own home. There are safety concerns to be aware of when you have elderly people living in your home. This article will discuss the ways you can make your home safer for elderly adults, so that you can avoid all unnecessary accidents and injuries.

     One simple precaution to take is to instruct your kids to call you if anything happens to the elderly adult. If he or she suffers a sudden stroke, you need to be contacted immediately by other people in your home, whether it is a husband, wife, or children. Just like a click here home security alarm system alarms people when something is wrong, you need to also be contacted if something has gone wrong with an elderly person in your home.

     To prepare for elderly people moving into your home, be sure to remove all throw rugs. Elderly people can often fall on throw rugs if they are left unsecured. Also, be sure to install rails on all of your staircases in your home. You may even want to install rails in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and other common areas the elderly person will be visiting. These are just a few ways to prepare for elderly people moving into your home. Act now, and you can save a lot of heartache later.



ann i really regretted putting glaze tiles sa bathroom nako, i slipped jud as in. its impt ot condider safety first than beauty jud sa house

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A very nice post,... like it so much.

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Indeed very good post. Thanks for sharing..

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