Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Having a neck pain? Try Epsom Salt

         My husband suffers from a bad neck pain for quite sometime now. It really bothers him especially he loves to golf. Every time he made a swing with his clubs he can't follow it through because of his neck pain. He went to a chiropractor once but he told me it didn't help at all. So, he did a research and found out that an Epsom salt might help with his problem. So he bought a box of store brand epsom salt and tried it. He told me after one use that his neck pain seems to subside. So every time he wants to take a bath he will use an epsom salt instead of a bubble bath and he loves it. He even told his co-worker who suffered a bad neck pain for so long about the epsom salt and he too loves this amazing product.

       Epsom salt has a lot of uses like soaking tired feet which I am doing almost every night after standing at work for 10 hours, relief for occasional constipation (which I haven't tried), fertilizer for your plants (which I haven't tried also) and a lot more uses which amaze me. 

      By the way what is epsom salt and why it is so popular these days. Epsom salt is actually not a salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate and are both absorbed through the skin. Try the epsom salt and see the wonders this product can brought to you. Always remember to read the label of the product before use and keep it away from children's reach.


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